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social media policy

my social media policy is influenced by the work of dr. keely kolmes, and has been made available to other mental health and wellness professionals.

the ccpa (canadian counselling psychotherapy association) recommends for all therapists to have a social media policy, you can learn more about their social media recommendations through their guidelines for the use of technology in counselling & psychotherapy here.

khc social media policy

  • i do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients

  • i publish updates on my website, blog, social media accounts etc. that are related to wellness and therapy - i have no expectation that you as a client will want to follow these profiles; you are welcome to use your discretion regarding these therapy related accounts

  • my primary concern is your privacy

  • if you find things online and want to share them with me, feel free to bring them into our session where we can view and explore them together

  • i will not google or use search engines to search you

  • email is the preferred way of communication outside of our session time; if you send a message through a social media platform it will be unread and not responded

  • if there is anything you would like to add to this policy, or anything else that i can do to contribute to your privacy - please let me know!


“radical self-love demands that we see ourselves and others in the fullness of our complexities and intersections and that we work to create space for those intersections.”


sonya renee taylor

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